From September 2 until September 9, you can grab a full, 12-inch sub sandwich for just $6.99.
The entrance to Publix, grocery store in Ocala.
Credit: Jeff Greenberg / Contributor/Getty Images

Attention Publix shoppers! A very exciting and important deal starts today. We do not have to tell you how delicious the "Pub Sub" is, do we? No, there is already quite a cult-like following of these delectable, grab and go sandwiches. If you've ever walked into a Publix, you will likely agree that smell of fresh-baked, pillowy sandwich loaves hard to resist.  

But Publix loyalists will know that another irresistible smell weaves up and down the aisles and even trickles out into the parking lot of most locations of this Florida based grocery chain. Yes, the Publix fried chicken is also a fan favorite and those good folks behind the supermarket paired that delicious fried chicken and those baked in-store fluffy loaves of bread to create the Chicken Tender Sub. Those famous warm, double-breaded chicken tenders rest in the pillow that is the freshly baked loaf of your choice, topped with the cheese of your choice. Are you drooling yet?

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Starting today, September 2 and running through September 9, you can grab a full, 12-inch sub sandwich for just $6.99, saving you $2.50 and hey, maybe even giving you two lunches. Although we won't judge if you eat the whole thing in one sitting. Or half for lunch and the other half for second lunch. That's totally fine! And go ahead, grab a jug of their iced tea and maybe a cookie or three from the bakery for dessert. You deserve it!