This Prepara Storage Container Triples the Life of Fresh Herbs

You can get a set of three for $33.

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Fresh herbs can elevate just about any dish. From a sprinkle of cilantro in guacamole to delicately placed basil leaves on a pizza, they add flavor, aroma, and style points. The tricky part is keeping the fragrant ingredients fresh enough to use before they begin to wilt. One solution to this common cooking problem is an updated storage container.

Rather than keeping fresh herbs in flimsy packaging from the grocery store or using basic reusable plastic containers, you can invest in herb savor pods, like this set of three BPA-free plastic containers from Prepara. Each individual container can prolong the life of fresh herbs for up to three weeks; that’s about three times longer than other storage methods.

Herb Savor Food Storage Container
Courtesy of Wayfair

A spout for adding water is what differentiates these pods from other storage containers. By refilling the container with a bit of fresh water every three to five days, you’ll be able to keep your herbs at optimal hydration levels, which is what helps them stay fresh longer. To get started, rinse and pat your herbs dry, then add them into the upright containers and add water.

The pods each feature transparent hinged doors for easy access and a clear look at exactly how your leafy greens are holding up. The hard shell also protects leaves from damage and gives them room to breathe. Despite being large enough to hold stalks of asparagus, the vertical containers fit in most refrigerator doors.

If you’re not already convinced this kitchen device is a must, maybe the fact that Oprah Winfrey is a fan will sway you. In 2010, the talk-show host named an earlier model of Prepara’s Herb Savor one of her favorite things, calling it “a basil saver.”

If you’re making fewer trips to the grocery store lately, there’s never been a better time to invest in ways to make your food last as long as possible. Stock up on the smart storage containers from Wayfair today to make wilted herbs a thing of the past.

Herb Savor Food Storage Container
Courtesy of Wayfair

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