In praise of the plastic ketchup bottle.
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Diner Condiment Bottle
Credit: Photograph by Bob Travaglione FoToEdge/Getty Images

Recently I fell down a rabbit hole of cooking videos on YouTube, and more than anything it got me thinking about my kitchen tools and just how many my "stocked" kitchen was missing. Did I walk away with any more motivation to actually cook something new? Tough to say. But boy do I have a whole new amazon wish list now.

It's going to sound odd, but what I wanted most of all was also, conveniently, the cheapest of all--some of those plastic condiment bottles you find at greasy burger spots and old-fashioned soda fountains. Not only did they seem to give the cooking host more control without any mess, I thought it straight-up looked cool. (I do see now that maybe I've been watching too many videos.)

So I read a bunch of reviews, and after finally finding a set that allegedly leaked less, I clicked "Add to Cart" and found myself the owner of seven 16-oz bottles for only $10.

I'd been debating a fancier olive oil bottle, but the truth is, I need multiple bottles for multiple oils and vinegars, and found all the more decorative ones to take up too much space. They seemed bulky and prone to leaking. I wanted something easy to pour, easy to store, and with a super-precise tip.

The bottles arrived and sure enough—no leaks, just a perfect amount of oil every time. Not only that, you can trim the tops with simple scissors for thicker liquids or bigger pours. They also come with a tiny cap so everything stays sealed up and fresh, and, they fit easily into my already tight kitchen cabinets.

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I've been making pasta every day since they arrived, and I think half the reason why is just the fun of the perfect olive oil/balsamic drizzle. I aspire to make and store homemade dressings in them, if I ever get around to actually making the recipes from those videos.