Who are we kidding, casseroles have always been the belle of the ball.

There's a new food making waves on the internet and it's an eye-catching cheesy pasta perfect for Sunday dinner.

Baked Pasta in Springform Pan
Credit: Getty/Gregoria Gregoriou Crowe fine art and creative photography.

TikTok user Anna Rothfuss (@bananalovesyoutoo), posted a video of what has now been dubbed "honeycomb pasta" for its similarity to the hexagonal cells bees create in their nests. To make the unique pasta dish, Rothfuss cooks rigatoni and, instead of just dumping it into a casserole dish, nestles each tube of pasta side by side in a springform pan with one end of the tube facing upward.

Once the pan is full with all the tiny tubes carefully arranged, it forms a honeycomb-like pattern. Rothfuss then stuffs each pasta cylinder with a section of string cheese (though we might suggest cutting strips of low-moisture mozzarella for use instead), which looks time consuming but results in perfectly gooey dinner. Cover the noodles with plenty of pasta sauce in order to ensure it reaches the bottom of the pan. Top it off with cooked ground beef and a final coating of shredded mozzarella. Then pop it into the oven to bake. When it emerges it's a giant gooey, cheese-filled centerpiece. Pop it out of its springform pan and cut like it's a cake. With that, voilà, dinner is served. A fresh green salad and a side of garlic bread will clinch this meal's title as a new family favorite.

Sure, it's a lot like baked ziti, but with a presentation that stunning, it's easy to see why it's taking over the internet!