Fast and fabulous, this recipe came to the rescue on a busy weeknight.
Cabbage, Mushroom, and Bacon Pasta
| Credit: Greg DuPree

I made the Cabbage, Mushroom, and Bacon Pasta for the Month of Simple Suppers Challenge. I liked that several of the ingredients are ones I had on hand, and that helped everything come together fairly quickly. I made it for my family on a busy weeknight—and we really enjoyed it! The mushrooms and cabbage give it a great flavor. My toddler kept requesting, "MEAT!" so she really liked the addition of the bacon. Pancetta might be nice as well. This recipe also taught me to think about using reserved pasta water in other recipes. When I drained the pasta, I placed a large bowl under the colander for a quick and simple way to reserve the water for later.

Credit: @betsy_m_lovell

Oops, Don't Make My Mistakes:
I used about an ounce too much pasta, and I think it threw the ratio off a bit.
Mushrooms. I should have bought pre-sliced mushrooms to save on prep time. Note to self for next time.
Water. I used about ¾ cup pasta water, but would use more next time for a saucier finished dish.

Simple Substitutions:
I used about 5 slices of regular bacon (not thick-cut).
Buc-ah-what? I couldn't find bucatini pasta at my local Publix; so I used regular spaghetti. Stepped in just fine.