Let's Talk About Old-Fashioned Pecan Log Rolls, the Southern Roadside Treat We Love So Much

One sugary bite will have you hooked. 

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Stuckey's Pecan Log
Photo: Courtesy Stuckey's

Southerners are a nostalgic bunch, which is exactly why we don't take lightly to the decline of drive-in movie theaters, department stores, soda shops, and eclectic roadside stores like Stuckey's. Stuckey's started in Georgia during the 1930s, selling an overflow of pecans from the Stuckey family farm at a little stand off the highway. From there, Stuckey's became a chain of charming roadside stations that offered sweet treats originally made by Mrs. Stuckey herself, like her "world famous" pecan log rolls that are nothing short of addicting.

With a fluffy homemade nougat center, thin coating of homemade caramel, and a crunchy outer layer of pecan pieces, pecan log rolls have since become a classic Southern candy sold everywhere from quaint pecan farm stands to the busy counter of Buc-ee's, Texas' favorite gas station that's now expanding throughout the South (each filled with uniquely Southern goods, killer breakfast tacos, and freshly made fudge).

Back to the pecan log rolls, though. Stuckey's might have made them famous, but you're bound to come across distinct packages of the pecan-coated sweet throughout the South. Despite being a longtime favorite Southern candy to make and gift during the holidays, not many modern Southerners know they exist. Which to us, is sadder than a deflated buttermilk biscuit on a humid day. Pecan log rolls are a real-deal retro treat that can still be found, if only you're looking.

If you're already drooling like us, order a batch of Stuckey's famous pecan log rolls or this six pack of pecan logs from Amazon. Whatever you do, make sure you're biting into the soft nougat center dipped in caramel and hand-rolled in pecans ASAP.

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