How about chasing that jar of pickle salsa with a pickle juice shot?

Here at Southern Living, we're pickle people. If you love pickles like us, you're going to go crazy for Mt. Olive's latest release: Pickle Salsa.

Yes, you read that right, a mash-up of two of our favorite condiments into one flavorful jar o' goodness. Mt. Olive's new Pickle Salsa is available in three varieties—mild, medium, and hot— and can be purchased nationwide at grocery stores such as Albertsons, Safeway, Ingles, Harris Teeter, Food City, Publix, and more.

Mt. Olive Pickles Co. Salsa and Chips and Guacamole
Credit: Mt. Olive Pickles Co.

"We are thrilled to launch our Pickle Salsa line, and to offer these innovative, flavorful new items to our pickle-loving fans," said Greg Smith, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, in a company press release. Made with simple ingredients like cucumbers, tomato purée, vinegar, and sea salt, the salsas only have five calories per serving and contain zero grams of added sugars. We love snacking on the salsa as a dip for tortilla chips, crackers, or atop a salad, but it can also jazz up any rice-and-beans dish or taco night.

Salsa Trio Mt. Olive
Credit: Catey Labban/Mt. Olive

In addition to the Pickle Salsa, Mt. Olive has also announced the debut of Pickle Juicers, a marinade or cocktail ingredient (or, for the brine enthusiasts, a straight sipper to gulp on its own) made from the company's 100% Kosher Dill Pickle Brine. Pickle Juicers are available in three-packs of two-ounce bottles or in 64-ounce jugs and for sale in select grocery stores, or online at the newly launched, which also sells pickles in resealable pouches, hats, tote bags, koozies, and other goods. Through the end of this month, 10% of sales from Mt. Olive Pickle Shop will support Make-A-Wish Foundation—talk about pickles for a purpose.

Mt. Olive Juicers
Credit: Catey Labban/Mt. Olive

Have you tried Mt. Olive's Pickle Salsa yet? If so, what's your favorite way to use it? How about the Pickle Juicers?