You've heard her soulful country tunes. Now, get to know this singer and find out what she thinks every Southern woman should know how to do.

Dishing with Miranda Lambert
Miranda dines on fried pickles and sweet tea at Sportman's Grille, a hony-tonk bar and restaurant with wild game on the wall in Nashville's Hillsboro Village.
| Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Q: Miranda, Congratulations on your third album, Revolution, debuting as #1 on Billboard's Country Albums Chart. How is this record different than those you've recorded in the past? What is your inspiration for creating songs?

A: This album is much more revealing into my personal life than my first album, "Kerosene" and then the follow up, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend". As a songwriter you can sometimes "hide" behind the lyrics and not let the listener know the real person behind them. In "Revolution" I feel like I didn't hold anything back from my fans. I let them in on every aspect of where I am at in life right now.

Right now, you've got a successful solo tour and are the special guest on Brad Paisley's tour. What's it like being on the road with him?

A: Being on the road with Brad is great and a really special time for us. I feel like we are getting in front of a whole new fan base and maybe some people who have never followed my career or my music. Some of the artists we've been blessed enough to tour with have the same fan base as I do but that is not the case with Brad's fans. It's an awesome experience.

Q: We know you're very close with your mom. Did she teach you how to cook? What's your favorite dish your Mom would make for you as a child?

A: Yes, I'm really close to my mom and my whole family. We have cooked together as far back as she could bring a stool to the kitchen counter. One thing my mom always insisted on is that our family eat dinner together every night. That was her way of making everyone chip in to make it happen. My favorite dish that my mom makes is her famous meatloaf. It's been the choice "birthday dish" for me and my brother since we were little.

Q: What can you never do as well as your mother can?

A: Her mexican food is something I've never mastered. We are from Texas where mexican food is a staple weekly dish for most families. Mom's enchiladas would stand up against anybody's! I'm going to keep working on it though. The worst enchiladas are wonderful and I love the research!

Q: Since your parents are private investigators, were you ever able to get anything past them growing up?

A: What? OK NO! I could never get anything past them. It usually tell people that my mom knew what I was doing before I did it. I think both my parents were pretty rowdy growing up so they were on to everything I could think of sneaking past them. We grew up in the small town of Lindale where the gossip usually beats you home too.

Q: Since Valentine's Day is coming up, do you have a favorite meal you'll cook for boyfriend Blake Shelton? How would you like to spend Valentine's Day?

A: Blake is a big fan of appetizers so I'm sure I'll start out with some chips and dips or stuffed jalepenos. He really loves my corn casserole too. That is probably his favorite dish that I cook. Most likely the meal will also have some venison.

My idea of a great Valentine's Day is spending the day at home with Blake, taking the his little boat on the lake with a picnic basket and fish together . We both travel so much that one day at home together is a gift. We love to fish and back- road to have fun.

Q: Speaking of romance, what's your favorite romantic getaway city in the South and why?

A: Well based on my answer about the perfect Valentine's Day date I guess I would have to say the romantic city of Tishomingo, OK! Another place we love is San Antonio, TX on the River Walk. But my favorite place on earth is Gruene, TX where we float the river at least once a year. It's probably not the most romantic date but it's one of the places where we kick back, play guitars and spend time with family. I love it there!

Q: Finally, what are the 3 things every Southern woman should learn to do before she dies?

Every good southern woman should learn to change a tire, drive a tractor and cook something fried. Those three things will empower you!

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