Get to sippin' y'all!
Milo's Sweet Tea Freezey
Credit: Facebook/TSSI

You can consider your prayers answered, because Milo's Sweet Tea Freezeys—AKA the sweet nectar of the gods—are headed to convenience stores, according to

James Palmer, a business development manager for TSSI, the company behind the marketing for the frosty new drink, told that the machines are akin to the ones that make margaritas at restaurants and Bushwackers at Moe's Original Bar-B-Que's. But these pump out Alabama's favorite sweet tea. Hallelujah!

"We were looking for a new opportunity for a high-quality frozen beverage, and we couldn't think of anybody else better than Milo's," Palmer explained to Milo's, a beloved family-owned business, has been operating out of Bessemer, Alabama since 1946.

Machines are also available with Milo's Lemonade, as well as machines that dispense both. "It's a great opportunity to share Milo's products with more people and in more forms," Palmer told "That way we have a Milo's experience for everybody and every occasion. It's about having fun. And we see customers who mix the sweet tea and lemonade to make their own creation."

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There's currently only one Freezey machine out there—at the Fast & Easy at 3800 Joe Mallisham Parkway in Tuscaloosa—but the company hopes to roll out more based on demand.

Get to sippin' y'all!