An upgrade to the post-Thanksgiving sandwich.
Turkey Tacos
Credit: Courtesy of Bartosz Luczak via Getty Images

The thought of running out of turkey at Thanksgiving dinner spells holiday disaster. Often, we strategically avoid this by buying a slightly bigger bird than is necessary to feed our families. This keeps everyone full and happy on Thanksgiving Day—plus turkey leftovers keep kids and relatives content for days to come. But what to do with all those leftovers besides the classic turkey, cranberry, and stuffing sandwich?

Fold up some of the leftover shredded breast meat in a flour or corn tortilla for some exciting turkey tacos. Stick with the thanksgiving theme and pile your turkey taco high with stuffing, leftover salad, and a dollop of tart cranberry sauce. Mix it up with this recipe for spicy cranberry salsa that's perfect for using up your cranberry leftovers as well. The combination of serrano chilies, cranberries, and diced tomatoes will add a welcome zest to the mild flavor of the turkey meat.

Give your turkey leftovers new life by shredding the meat and sautéing in in a skillet with a dash of oil and some taco seasoning. Serve straight out of the skillet and sprinkle with shredded cheese for warm melty goodness.

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This turkey carnitas recipe suggests frying up dark turkey meat that has already been boiled to render stock. The result is crispy tender turkey meat that you can season with salt, sour orange, onions, and a bay leaf. Top with cilantro, diced red onions, and a lime wedge for delectable carnitas. The leftover stock from this recipe is perfect to freeze or use for turkey soups, potpies, and meatloaves.

Another turkey taco recipe recommends sautéing the turkey meat with a can of chopped green chilies for super moist and savory tacos. Garnish with sour cream and chopped green onions to balance spice with a creamy crunch.

Gather more topping inspiration from your favorite taco recipes.