Turkey Tips and Basics

Here Are the Best Turkeys to Order for Thanksgiving Before They Sell Out

We've rounded up 11 different types of turkey you can get delivered to your doorstep.

How To Safely Thaw Your Thanksgiving Turkey

The best way to thaw a turkey– and mistakes you should never (ever) make.

How to Brine a Turkey

This year, brine your turkey for added flavor and moistness

Thanksgiving Turkey Primer

Follow the following tips to make sure you don't ruin the main event

Turkey Salad Recipe

Rating: 5 stars
Trust us, you'll have this new recipe memorized in no time.

Turkey Dry Rub

Every Thanksgiving turkey needs a rub—and this one is simple and packed with flavor.

Slow-Cooker Turkey and Dumplings Soup

Move over turkey sandwich, there is a new leftover in town.

Turkey Broth Recipe

Rating: 5 stars
This is the starting point for incredible gravy, soups, or stews.

Turkey-Noodle-Poppy Seed Casserole Recipe

Rating: 5 stars
Nothing takes care of leftovers quite like a casserole that uses a little of this and a little of that to create a delicious meal—just like this one!

Our Best Rated Turkey Recipes

Smoked Turkey Breast
A moist, smoked turkey breast is only a few easy steps away.
Smoked Turkey Rub Recipe
We love the flavors this herb rub adds to Thanksgiving turkey.

Smoked Turkey Recipe with Herb Rub

This is the only smoked turkey recipe you will ever need.