Here's Why Everyone Loves Trisha Yearwood's Company Chicken

Must be the cream sauce.

Trisha Yearwood Company Chicken
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You probably know Trisha Yearwood from one of her countless hit songs, television appearances, or iconic marriage to Garth Brooks, but you may not realize that Mrs. Yearwood is an outstanding cook. In fact, she has one surefire recipe that is loved my thousands across the South: Company Chicken.

It's a mouthwatering twist on classic baked chicken, and we guarantee your first helping won't be your last. With ingredients like fresh mushrooms, creamy sauce, and Italian seasoning, it's hard not to love. So, why is it called Company Chicken? Yearwood's mom never failed to make the delicious recipe when she was having people over, hence the name "company" chicken. We'd sure like an invitation to that dinner party!

The secret is to flavor the chicken with four packets of Italian seasoning, and to sear it before baking. The result is an incredibly tasty dinner entrée the entire family will love. Of course, no Southern recipe is complete without some type of creamy sauce, and Trisha Yearwood's Company Chicken is certainly no exception.

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The rich topping is made with cream cheese, white wine, and cream of mushroom soup. Before going in the oven, the seared chicken is topped with the fresh mushrooms that have been cooked in a mixture of butter, seasoning, and oil. Next, the white cream sauce is poured over the ready-to-bake chicken. After cooking for an hour at 350˚, it's time to dig in! Of course, you can garnish it however you please, but the country music singer prefers fresh parsley to anything else.

With mountains of bursting flavor and an easy recipe, what's there to lose? Be sure to give Company Chicken a try at your next dinner party or church potluck. We have a feeling it'll be the hit of the party.

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