Never again.
Kelsey Barnard Clark
Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Kelsey Barnard Clark, winner of Season 16 of Top Chef, knows a thing or two about navigating a Southern kitchen. The Dothan, Alabama native catered her first wedding as a teenager and currently runs her restaurant EAT KBC in Dothan.

But as tasty as her restaurant fare looks, Barnard Clark knows that when it comes to cooking advice, most Southerners just want to know how to get a tasty dinner on the table without laboring in the kitchen all day.

Recently, the Top Chef winner chatted with Brit + Co. to share her cooking advice for casual cooks. Our favorite of her tips? Stop messing up roasted chicken.

"I think the number one mistake people make when cooking proteins are being scared of high temperatures. I cook my chicken at 415°F. Most people cook chicken at 350°F for 2 hours," Barnard Clark tells Brit + Co.. "Who has the time to do that with a family? When you cook at a high heat, you're making the skin brown and crispy and keeping all the juices inside." In a recipe posted to her instagram, Barnard Clark's chicken is finished in a little over an hour.

Need more convincing to cook up a whole chicken for guests? "When people come over and you have a whole beautiful roasted chicken, they are going to talk about it for days," Barnard Clark also notes of the dish earlier in the article.

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Duly noted, KBC. So what are you waiting for? Crank up that oven temperature, invite a few friends over for dinner, and get to cooking.