A little Wednesday night razzle dazzle.

Find a good chicken recipe and you'll never be in want of dinnertime inspiration. Like our Classic Southern Pound Cake, Ina Garten's mustard-roasted chicken recipe deserves to be committed to memory. It features a short but impactful ingredient list and pairs wonderfully with a range of sides, from a simple salad to roasted vegetables. But don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to try out new accompaniments because this is one recipe that's bound to make weekly rounds on your dinner table.

It all starts with an herby, crunchy, seasoning blend that comes together in a food processor. I typically use my one-serving cup blender, that way I can just throw the tools into the dishwasher for a super easy cleanup, one of the keys I've found in pulling dinner together in a flash. Garlic, thyme, salt, pepper, olive oil, butter, and panko all go into the mixture, but the real star as far as I'm concerned is a heaping (I prefer to up the ante) tablespoon of lemon zest. It's bright, it's zippy, and it'll set this baked chicken recipe apart from any other you've tried.

The next step will follow your typical chicken breading process but instead of an egg wash, you'll dip the chicken into a mustard and wine mixture before coating it in the crumb blend. Then you bake those pretty little breaded chicken pieces for just shy of an hour, kicking up the temperature to 400 degrees the last ten minutes so they're browned to perfection.

I don't think I've found another weeknight-friendly baked chicken recipe that comes together in a flash quite so flavorfully—all without the use of a boxed mix. It's crunchy, herby, tangy, and so perfectly seasoned that you truly won't know what hit your tastebuds or your dinner table.

The beauty in this recipe is that it can be served piping hot out of the oven, warm, or at room temperature so you can squeeze in the prep whenever it works for your schedule.