Ina Garten's Secret to Delicious Chicken Salad

You have our permission to drop what you're doing and head to the supermarket.


Southerners know their chicken salad. There's mamaw's go-to recipe. Your neighbor's potluck staple. And, of course, there's your own special riff on the classic dish.

But Ina Garten has wowed us with her innovative riff on your typical chicken salad. In an interview with Epicurious, the celebrated chef shared her secret to amazing chicken salad, every time. "Instead of boiling chicken for chicken salad—which takes the flavor out of the chicken, and then you have to deal with all these big pots of boiling water—I've found if you roast chicken breasts with the skin on, and then take off the bones and the skin when it's done, you end up with really delicious, well-flavored chicken for chicken salad. It's a much easier process, and the chicken tastes better," she explains. So there you have it: Roast your chicken with the skin on, and then remove the skin and discard the bones before proceeding with your recipe.

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You don't have to tell us twice. And if you're making a smaller batch of chicken salad, you can make a marvelous meal out of, say, BBQ Rub Roasted Chicken with Potatoes after you've portioned out some of the bird for salad duties.

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