This simple trick will have you ready to shred.

When it comes to internet kitchen hacks, I'm skeptical. It's hard for me to trust a few fast clips that claim I've been cooking things wrong my entire adult life. But every now and then a reel making the rounds will make me wonder how I've ever handled a knife or managed to make dinner on my own before. I'm talking stop-me-in-my-scroll simple tricks that are total game changers.

My latest find promised to save me precious time shredding chicken—a legitimate chore in my home come slow cooker season. Between Chicken Chili and Chicken Enchilada Dip, our Costco-sized haul of chicken breasts don't linger in the fridge long once football graces our TV. Plus, we're in the habit of making a big batch of pulled BBQ chicken on Sundays that gets sprinkled into salads and sandwiches throughout the week no matter the time of year.

Cilantro lime shredded chicken meat
Credit: Getty Images

If you're doing the math, that's a lot of time poking and pulling at hot chicken with two forks. So, when the internet claimed I could cut that down to mere seconds, I was all in…and when the answer was as straightforward as grabbing my hand mixer, I was stunned. Maybe I'm late to the game, but it might be the biggest time-saver I've tried this year.

The hack is simple: Instead of using forks to pull your chicken apart, place cooked chicken in a deep mixing bowl and let your mixer dig in. After less than a minute on low, you'll have a bowl of shredded chicken ready for any dinner, dip, or dish you please. Be careful of your quantity and speed, though. Don't overfill your bowl or hit it on high, especially if you're shredding saucy chicken, unless your idea of a good time is finding leftover chicken splatter on your backsplash for days. It also may go without saying that this works best on boneless, skinless chicken. Instagram suggested a hand mixer, but you could achieve the same results with your stand mixer.

Ready to shred? Start with our Slow-Cooker Salsa Chicken or Slow-Cooker Chicken Tacos, and the whole family will thank you.