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Salty, satisfying, full of protein and (almost) mess-free, beef jerky is the perfect car ride companion, the most trusted camping buddy, and the easiest afternoon grazing problem-solver. While Krave, Duke's, and other popular brands have made it big in recent years, the beef jerky market remains dynamic and incredibly delicious. If you're on the lookout for exciting flavors, cool packaging, and new names to fall in love with, the following brands have you covered.

Righteous Felon Jerky
Credit: Righteous Felon

Righteous Felon

For the most playful packaging and surprising flavors, look no further than Righteous Felon, Brendan Cawley's Philadelphia-based 'cartel' that isn't afraid to experiment with truffles, crab spice, and black garlic. In addition to robust, chewy jerky, Righteous Felon offers biltong (a thinner-sliced, higher-protein air-dried meat), South African-style jerky, and meat sticks. The hilarious names—Truffle-o Bill, Maryland Monroe and Fowl Capone, to name a few—are accompanied by frame-worthy illustrations.

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Two Chicks Beef Jerky
Credit: Two Chicks

Two Chicks Jerky

California food industry veterans Shannon Ronan and Breelyn MacDonald are behind the incredibly tender, grass-fed jerky and turkey jerky, now available in new flavors like Carne Asada and Habanero. A percentage of the brand's proceeds goes to support environmental and civil rights non-profits.

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Think! Jerky
Credit: Think! Jerky

Think! Jerky

The secret to Chicago-based Think Jerky's success is an ongoing partnership with experienced chefs, including one with Food Network celebrity chef Gale Gand who created the perpetually sold-out Sriracha Honey and Sesame Teriyaki flavors. Turkey jerky and sticks are also available.

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Three Jerks Original Beef Jerky
Credit: Three Jerks

Three Jerks

You might think that filet mignon jerky is a gimmick, but once you try it—hey, it worked for Shark Tank's Daymond John—you'll be convinced. Based in California, the brand, owned by friends Daniel Fogelson and Jordan Barrocas, specializes in softer, flakier jerky with flavors on the sweeter side; chipotle adobo and maple bourbon are two standouts.

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