This Viral Cooking Trick Is the Secret to the Crispiest Bacon

The better way to cook bacon.

There's no arguing bacon's place in the breakfast hall of fame. Baked or fried bacon strips can upgrade anything from a humble piece of toast to a weekend pancake tower. But have we been doing it wrong all along? The latest social media trend says yes. As seen on TikTok, Instagram, and Good Morning America, impossibly crispy, twisted bacon is all the rage.

This viral video by the account House of Keto exploded over the internet last week, sending thousands of curious minds to braid and twist their bacon strips prior to baking. The nooks and crannies of the twisted braid capture the fat and make for an extra-crispy texture.

To make the famed (and lip-smacking-good) bacon, you'll need thick-cut bacon slices and some time on your hands. This handy recipe breaks down the process and if you check out the hashtag #twistedbacon on Instagram, delicious images of the end result will motivate you to try the trick ASAP (another keto blogger Wicked Stuffed has you covered with additional instructions).

It all comes down to twisting and turning the bacon and placing it on a baking sheet to cook and sizzle away. From there, watch how your future breakfast star turns golden and delicious; sprinkling the bacon with chili or sesame seeds, and even coating in honey-soy, can add flavor and interest to the texture.

If you can resist the urge to nibble right away, soak the twisted, crisped bacon sticks on a paper towel before serving alongside scrambled eggs. Waffles is your preferred scenario? Decorate them with the bacon sticks liberally, and watch as your loved ones transform into true believers.

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