This Is The Best Way To Freeze Bacon

Extra bacon? We'll show you how to freeze it and give you some ideas on how you need to use it.

Although we can always come up with a delicious reason to cook with bacon (hello, Bow-Tie Crackers), sometimes you end up with a few leftover slices. Uncooked bacon should be used within seven days or stored in the freezer. If you're freezing the bacon, this is our preferred method, which allows you to defrost individual slices.

how to freeze bacon
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1. Separate the bacon

If you have parchment or wax paper on hand, either will make this task much easier. Tear off a large sheet of parchment and place it on a baking sheet. (Make sure the baking sheet will fit in your freezer. You may need to eat some ice cream to make room.) Separate the bacon slices and place each slice vertically on the parchment, leaving a bit of space between each slice.

2. Roll it into spirals

Start at one end of a bacon slice and roll the slice into a spiral. Repeat with the remaining bacon slices.

3. Flash-freeze the spirals

Place the baking sheet in your freezer for at least 30 minutes or until the spirals have frozen solid.

4. Store in a freezer bag

Place the frozen bacon spirals in a ziplock freezer bag and place the bag in the freezer. Because the spirals have been individually frozen, they should not stick together.

5. Defrost it safely

Like all foods, bacon can be frozen indefinitely, but it is best used within one month. The safest way to defrost frozen bacon is in your refrigerator, but you can also defrost it under cool running water or in the microwave. Never defrost bacon by leaving it on your kitchen countertop; harmful bacteria can develop if the bacon is left at room temperature for too long.

Bacon Recipes

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Maple-Bacon Smokies

Maple Bacon Smokies
Southern Living

Recipe: Maple-Bacon Smokies

You only need four ingredients to make this simple appetizer. Start with bacon and toss it with brown sugar and maple syrup. Wrap this sweet bacon around a salty mini smoked hot dog and secure it with a toothpick for a perfect flavorful treat. Add black pepper, cayenne, garlic powder, or any additional spices based on your preferences.

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Bacon-and-Tomato Breakfast Casserole

Bacon-and-Tomato Breakfast Casserole
Jennifer Davick

Recipe: Bacon-and-Tomato Breakfast Casserole

Enjoy this bacon-and-tomato casserole for breakfast or dinner, which takes 15 minutes of active cooking time. The bottom layer of pita chips forms a textured base for this egg bake. Great for feeding a crowd, this divinely smelling dish is topped with basil and halved grape tomatoes.

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Bacon-Hash Brown Quiche

Bacon-Hash Brown Quiche
Antonis Achilleos; Prop Styling: Missie Neville Crawford; Food Styling: Torie Cox

Recipe: Bacon-Hash Brown Quiche

Shredded potatoes and bacon tucked into this golden crust create a delicious meal perfect for any time of the day. Use Gruyère cheese, or substitute your favorite variety to add a nutty and creamy flavoring. Pre-bake the pie crust to get the texture crisp.

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Bacon-and-Cheddar Grits Quiche

Bacon-and-Cheddar Grits Quiche
Alison Miksch

Recipe: Bacon-and-Cheddar Grits Quiche

Make this quiche up to two days ahead of serving and chill. This cheesy bake tops grits with creamy half-and-half and bacon custard. Make sure to spread the custard and remaining cheese to the edges.

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Bacon Pancakes

Bacon Pancakes
Antonis Achilleos

Recipe: Bacon Pancakes

Combine two favorite breakfast foods into one dish with this bacon pancake recipe. Make this dish kid-friendly by pouring the batter directly over the bacon and creating handheld pancakes you can dip into maple syrup. It's the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

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