This is the Best Way to Cook Bacon While Camping

Prepare a great breakfast in the great outdoors.

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Well, it turns out there's actually two great ways to cook bacon while you're camping. One works for morning people and/or those who saw The Revenant more than once; the other works for the rest of us. Whether you're a skilled outdoors-type or you're still getting used to the whole idea of sleeping outside, both of these techniques will make sure you have a hot breakfast in the morning ready to fuel you up for a weekend's-worth of hiking, kayaking, or at least some quality hammock time.

One universal truth applies to both these methods: bring a cast-iron skillet

The Camp Stove Method: If you've brought a butane-or-propane-powered camping stove with you, congratulations; you'll have bacon ready to go quickly without much fuss or waiting around. (Coleman makes our favorite camp stoves with a range of price points.) Just place your skillet on the burner and wait for it to heat up just like you would at home, then fry 'er up.

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The Open Fire Method: While it may take a smidge more work, cooking bacon on an open fire is simple with practice and the right equipment. Once you have your fire going, place a grilling grate over it to provide a level surface for your skillet. Then you can use the bacon as you would otherwise. It may take a few tries to figure out what heat level your fire needs to be at to make the bacon sizzle efficiently, but the reward is worth it. You can also cook eggs alongside it too.

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