Tell us, have you seen it?
Krispy Kreme Exterior and Sign
Credit: Joe Raedle /Staff/Getty Images

Step aside Nutella, there's a decadent new spread coming to town that combines two of our absolute favorite things: Krispy Kreme and coffee. (No offense to front porches and Dolly Parton, of course. We love them too.)

The problem is, nobody knows when Krispy Kreme's new Coffee Spread going to be released. Rumors have been floating around since May, when a photo popped up on the respected junk blog, Junk Banter.

According to Tasting Table, the rich, sweet spread is made with premium arabica coffee beans and hazelnuts and comes—for now, at least—in caramel macchiato flavor. And yes, it's caffeinated. Basically it's the only food we'll ever need.

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But, where is it? The mysterious treat is said to hit Walmart shelves "sometime this year," and our hearts have been pounding ever since.

So, like we said, keep those eyes peeled—you know ours will be!