Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop
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Ice Cream Shops All Use the Same Scoop for a Good Reason

And you can buy it on Amazon.
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We all know the familiar syrupy sweet smell of freshly cooked waffle cones, the unavoidable anxiety that arises while staring at a billboard of every ice cream flavor imaginable, and the oh-so-sweet satisfaction from that first spoonful of ice cream at your favorite ice cream shop. I remember peering over the glass-front case on my tippy toes when I was younger to watch with amazement as the workers gracefully plopped beautifully formed scoops of ice cream into each customer's vessel of choice. Personally, I prefer a cone. 

I don't know about you, but I have never been able replicate those beautifully formed scoops at home. They make it look so easy, but try as I might, no combination of running my ice cream scoop under hot water or letting the ice cream temporarily thaw leads me to that signature lacey half-dome of ice cream.

After innumerable ice cream shop dates, friend reunions, and post-football victory celebrations, plus a little deep dive on the internet, I learned the secret to that beautiful scoop shape. Surprisingly, it's not years of practice and great forearm strength, but those may come in handy too.

Ice cream shops use a scoop that has a unique heat conductive liquid in the handle.

Mind. Blown.

The Zeroll Original Ice Cream Scoop allows for easy scooping by using the natural warmth from your hand, combined with a heat-conductive liquid in the handle, to create perfect-ice-cream-shop-worthy scoops every time.

Zeroll has been around since 1935, which means I've either been living under a rock or this is the best kept secret of all time.

Want to know the even better part of this discovery? You can buy Zeroll's scoops on Amazon.

Ice Cream Scoop
Credit: Amazon

BUY IT: $17.93;

Their scoops are available in a range of sizes and colors. Now excuse me while I host the ice cream social of my dreams. This gadget may even keep me from eating straight out of the carton during my late-night Netflix marathons.

Happy ice cream scooping!