Bake Up the Sweetest Treats in This Heart-Shaped Pan That's Only $8.39 on Amazon Prime

"Purchased this as a gift, of which I baked a cake in it and delivered it to friends for their anniversary...Pan was a hit, and so was the cake," wrote one happy customer.

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Wilton Heart-Shaped Cake Pan
Photo: Courtesy Amazon

You're a Southerner. There's nary a Christmas cookie you haven't baked nor a festive jack-o'-lantern you haven't carved. And when Valentine's Day rolls around, you can bet your last ounce of sweet tea that a cornucopia of heart-shaped treats are on the horizon.

This year, there will be heart cookies and heart-shaped pizza. Conversation Hearts and foil-wrapped chocolate hearts. And we may even set our table with heart-shaped succulents for good measure. But this Valentine's Day — and before and beyond — we'll be upping our heart-shaped lineup with the addition of one amazing cake pan: the Wilton Heart-Shaped Cake Pan, available on Amazon Prime for $8.39.

We first learned of this darling baking accessory from a roundup on product reviews site, on 14 Heart-Shaped Pans That Will Make Your Valentine's Day Baking Extra Special, and now we're similarly obsessing. With 440 five-star reviews on Amazon, this affordable pan allows bakers to churn out their favorite cake recipes in a 9.42" x 1.98" x 9.41"mold that's non-stick and dishwasher safe, to boot. In addition to cakes, mix things up and use this pan for baked goods like cornbread, brownies, and blondies. Or, heed the call of that festive cookie cake shouting your name.

Wilton Heart-Shaped Cake Pan 2
Courtesy Amazon

Need more proof this is the pan for you? Purchasers of this cake pan happily relayed their rave reviews of the product in the comments section on Amazon. Singing its merits, one reviewer simply summed it up, "Perfect. Love the shape. Didn't stick. Easy to clean."

Another, also praising its virtues, shared a heartfelt (pun intended) anecdote: "Purchased this as a gift, of which I baked a cake in it and delivered it to friends for their anniversary (I reused this great idea from a friend who did it for us). Pan was a hit, and so was the cake," wrote that baker, inspiring us to follow this practice and do the same for a neighbor or friend who could use a pick-me-up.

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We have a feeling you'll love this cake pan so much that heart-shaped birthday cakes will become a tradition in your household. And heart-shaped just because cakes. And did we mention heart-shaped "is-quarantine-over?" cakes. See you in sugarland.

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