5 Things Our Editors Always Buy at Sam's Club

We just can’t quit that rotisserie chicken.

Southerners love a bargain, and often, retailers like Sam's Club and Costco are the key to saving a few bucks. When buying in bulk, however, you have to be careful that what you're buying is actually a good deal for the quantity and quality. These are the items Southern Living editors are always sure to snap up when they make a trip to Sam's Club.

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Who knew? If you're a Sam's Club member, you probably did! The store has an entire auto department that even includes a buying program. It's no secret that tires are expensive, and buyers are wary of being up charged depending on where they purchase. At Sam's Club, you can save on top brands and order online to make the process easier than ever.

Paper Products

If there are two things your house will always need more of its toilet paper and paper towels. Southern Living editors never leave Sam's Club without them. Go for the store's Member's Mark brand for the best deals.

Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie chicken is the shortcut to plenty of our favorite quick weeknight meals, but it's not always as cost-effective as buying chicken breasts or thighs to cook yourself. At Sam's Club, however, you can bet that bird is worth it. With a price that remains at about $5, rotisserie chicken is a must-have on your Sam's Club run.


Sam's Club can fill all your car's needs, including filling up your tank. Members can expect to save 5 cents per gallon, which adds up in the long run. Affordable fuel alone might be a good enough excuse for getting a Sam's Club membership if you don't have one.


There are some things you shouldn't buy in bulk, like perishable foods you know your family won't consume before they go bad. Cereal, however, is a household staple that has a longer shelf life. Southern Living editors stock up on their families' favorite flavors or go for variety packs, so no one gets tired of the same breakfast every day.

Stores where you can shop in bulk are convenient for big families, entertaining, and household essentials. Did we leave any of your must-have Sam's Club products off the list?

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