Buh-bye corn silk!
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It's a struggle familiar to anybody who has ever shucked a raw ear of corn. Those pesky blond stands of silk that are nearly impossible to pry from those neat rows of yellow kernels have been frustrating corn eaters for years.

But now, thanks to the brilliant folks at Lifehacker, we have hope for a future free from wispy annoyances. According to the site, a gripper pad is all you need to easily remove errant strands from an ear of corn.

Gripper pads, like the ones used to open jars, are cheap and easy to find. (This pack of 12, for example, is available for just $7 on Amazon.) All you have to do is stroke your ear of corn with a clean gripper pad to remove even the most stubborn silk. Grippy shelf liners reportedly work just as well.

Buh-bye wisps!