Not a speck wasted.

There's no end to the joy we get from uncovering the latest viral kitchen hacks. While some are more useful than others, the latest TikTok trick is one that we know will be used on the regular. It involves none other than pantry staple tomato paste.

Tomato paste is often called on to impart concentrated tomato flavor in dishes, while also acting as binding agent in soups and stews. Tomato paste is primarily sold in either cans or tubes, the latter typically featuring a double concentration. Tubes are preferable for occasions when you don't need a full 6-oz. serving of tomato paste, as they store for later use much easier. But, when it comes to larger ingredient quantities and staying budget-minded, canned is typically the way to go.

Tomato Paste with Top of Can Pulled Back
Credit: Getty/annick vanderschelden photography

But now, the reason we're all gathered here: How does one get every last drop of tomato paste out of the can without twisting, turning, and employing an army of kitchen utensils to help get the job done? The secret is to open both the top and the bottom of the can.

Start by opening and removing the top of a tomato paste can as normal. Then, open the bottom of the can, this time, leaving that cutout piece in place. Grab a spatula (a wooden variety that has a slightly thicker handle is ideal) and, placing the top of the handle against the bottom lid, push the paste out of the can. A perfect, cranberry-sauce-like cylinder of tomato paste will have emerged without a bit of extra work on your part. Every last dollop, we tell you!

Check out the trick in action via the video that started it all:

You're about to begin scanning our site for tomato sauce recipes to put this new-fangled hack to use, aren't you? We can help with that.