This Warming Butter Knife Won't Change Your Life But It'll Make Spreading Butter, PB and Cream Cheese a Breeze

Finally, a solution to spreading refrigerated spreads speedily—available on Amazon Prime for $19.95.

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THAT Inventions Spread That Serrated Warming Butter Knife and Spreader
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Look, this $20 kitchen gadget isn't going to change your life. But it may very well relieve you of a common pain point in the kitchen: Jabbing into rock-hard butter or not-so-soft peanut butter or cream cheese that you grab out of the fridge to spread onto a piece of toast, English muffin, or bagel. You know the drill of chipping away at butter and vainly attempting to spread it evenly over your patient but rapidly cooling slice of multigrain toast, only to watch sad slabs sit on the surface, and eventually pool where you placed them. The lackluster result? Alternating bites of bread lacking any buttery coverage to over-buttered mouthfuls.

Well, we've found the most genius solution to this conundrum, thanks to the editors over at food website Delish. Meet the Amazon #1 best-seller in butter knives and picks, the "THAT! Spread That Serrated Warming Butter Knife," available in black on Amazon Prime for $19.95.

Made with heat conducting technology that makes use of the body heat from your hand, the heated serrated edge of the knife then makes handiwork of cold butter or other spreads, helping them soften into a pat of easily spreadable goodness. We also love that since it doesn't require any chargers or batteries, you can pop it in the dishwasher to clean.

Also, trust us when we say that as soon as the time is right to host guests at your home (for now, may we suggest a virtual dinner party?), spreading butter on a baguette while gathered around the table will morph into quite the party trick. Just leave cold butter in a ramekin beside the ol' bread basket and watch your loved ones gasp in amazement.

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It's the little things, right? But really, we've never been more excited to pop a piece of bread in the toaster and grab this better butter knife.

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