This Clever Gadget 'Cuts Watermelon Like a Dream'—Then, Doubles as a Fork for Summertime Snacking

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Tendiren Watermelon Slicer Cutter 2 Pack
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Summer is filled with delicious in-season produce like strawberries, tomatoes, and peaches, but watermelon may take the cake for the ultimate summertime staple. The refreshing, sweet, and juicy fruit is satisfying on its own, but incorporating watermelon in margaritas, salads, and sorbet is essential, too. The one drawback of watermelon? Cutting its large, stubborn rind and then slicing or cubing the fruit can be challenging. Luckily, we found a two-in-one tool that can cube watermelon in seconds.

The Tendiren Watermelon Cutter is Amazon's best-selling fruit cutter that's basically a fork with an attached slicer, to put it simply. The durable stainless steel construction holds steady as it cuts through watermelon to create perfect squares with each use. You can cube the entire melon or cut a small section for yourself—just slice a few cubes with the cutter and pick up your snack with the fork to enjoy. And the tool comes in a set of two for $20.

Tendiren Watermelon Slicer Cutter 2 Pack
Courtesy of Amazon

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Not only is the cutter sturdy enough to slice through watermelon, but it's also corrosion- and rust-resistant to maintain its quality over time. Thanks to its slim, two-in-one design, the cutter keeps the juices inside the watermelon and not on your countertops—unlike incessant cutting or scooping with a chef's knife, spoon, or melon baller. Just note that you'll still need to cut the melon in half with a knife before using the tool. And since the set is compact and lightweight, you can simply pack the watermelon cutters in a beach bag, cooler, or picnic basket, so you can enjoy the fruit no matter where you travel this summer

Shoppers love that the watermelon cutter is quick and simple to use—one reviewer even said it "cuts watermelon like a dream." Another wrote, "It works perfectly. [It's] fast, easy, and cuts perfect squares."

Head to Amazon to shop the popular watermelon cutter that makes prepping the summer fruit a breeze.

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