So you want to start a supper club?

1. Show up, time after time.

The key to a cohesive club is to remain committed and participate regularly. When first starting you club, to find dates that work for everyone. If you know your club meets every third Thursday of the month, mark it on your calendar. Part of the fun is knowing you will see this group of friends on a regular basis.

2. Agree upon (and then meet) expectations.

Every club needs its own house rules on how elaborate or casual the meals and decor will be. A super club is about having fun, so set expectations early and stick to them.

3. Don't overdo it or under-deliver on your menu.

Showing off causes intimidation. Slacking off causes resentment. Everyone might not be on the same expertise level cooking or decorating wise, but that shouldn't mean you can't all enjoy it. (When necessary, invoke the fourth rule.)

4. Don't cancel. Life happens.

Rather than skip or cancel the supper when things take a turn for the crazy, order in dinner and use paper plates. Sometimes you can use a break from it all and hanging out with your friends is the best way to do that. When all else fails, there is always wine.

5. Embrace the themed meal.

Themes can provide a focal point for the menu so cooks can be creative without going rogue. A theme doesn't mean there has to be elaborate décor and costumes, unless you want it to.

6. Choose members wisely.

It's necessary to make sure that everyone in the core group gets along and gets the idea. This is an opportunity to handpick your own second family. The "who" is always more important than the "what."

7. Have fun, and relax.

A supper club should feel like a respite from a hectic life, not an onerous task to check off the to-do list.