We Found the Best Way to Stop Parchment Paper from Rolling Up When You're Baking

parchment paper and cake pan
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Parchment paper can make baking dozens of sugar cookies a breeze—if you can get the paper to lie flat on the cookie sheet, that is.

Most bakers have been there: You're trying to make a strawberry-lemonade or praline cake, whip up a parchment-packet dinner, prep a parmesan-buttermilk pie crust, or bake Christmas cookies, but the parchment paper simply won't cooperate. Every time you tear off a sheet to line a tray or cake pan, or wrap up pieces of snapper and spring vegetables, the pesky paper immediately curls up. Eventually you find yourself holding down the paper with one hand, while placing shortbread cookies with the other.

It's so frustrating, you may be tempted to ball the whole thing up and chuck it over your shoulder. Turns out, minus the chucking it over your shoulder part, that's exactly what you should do. According to the kitchen wizards over at Food & Wine, the best way to make parchment paper behave is to crumple it up into a ball and then flatten it out again.

The reason it works is because parchment paper usually comes in a tightly-wound roll. When you unfurl and cut off a piece to use in the kitchen, it tends to want to roll back up on itself. By crumpling it up into a ball and then flattening it out, the paper loses its curl making it much more malleable. Once the curl is gone, it's easy to unfold the parchment and line a sheet pan or pie crust with a nice flat piece of paper. It's the easiest hack this side of pre-cut parchment paper!

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