This Is Our Food Editor's Favorite Set of Mixing Bowls

Hardworking and easy to care for. If only everything in life was this accommodating.

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When you love to cook, you run the risk of accumulating a lot of utensils and dishes in your kitchen. For some reason I have a fondness for mixing bowls, perhaps because along with their all-around usefulness in cooking, some are so down right gorgeous they can serve as a centerpiece on your dining room table. A glass or heavy plastic bowl is useful if I need to microwave and melt chocolate for a silky ganache frosting. And I do have a collection of lovely painted stoneware and porcelain mixing bowls that are almost too pretty (and heavy) to use for fear of chipping or cracking. I find better use for these as vessels for potato salad or main dish salads, when I can mix the recipe in a utility bowl and then serve it in the prettier bowl. For the everyday culinary duties such as mixing dough, folding batter, or whisking vinaigrettes, I opt for a set of lightweight, durable, and non-reactive stainless steel mixing bowls, such as this set of nesting bowls from Bellemain. Apparently I am not alone, since this top-rated set of mixing bowls has over 1,000 favorable reviews.

These mixing bowls double as measuring utensils; with etched volume measurements inside the bowls, you always know just how many cups of frosting you have whipped up. Plus, the tight-fitting BPA free lids will keep your mixture fresh if you need to store it in the refrigerator, perfect for when you are making heavenly angel biscuits dough which can be refrigerated in between batches.

Each stainless-steel mixing bowl has a silicone-coated bottom, which means it won't slip or slide off the counter know matter how vigorously you stir and blend. The soft coating also helps prevent scratching of your pretty kitchen countertops.

WATCH: Making A Ganache

On the practical side, consider this: Because the bowls nest inside each other, the set does not take up much room in your kitchen cabinets. Care and cleanup is a breeze because you can either keep your ingredients in the bowl and store it in the freezer, or toss it in the dishwasher without worry of cracking or scratching. At the low price of $27.95, buy a couple of extra sets for all the bridal showers you are attending this season.

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