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Recipe: Red Velvet-White Chocolate Cheesecake

Whimsy meets elegance in all five layers of this red velvet-white chocolate wonder.

Watch: Assembling Our White Layer Cake

Photo: Hector Sanchez

Ambrosia Cocktail
Bloody Mary Bar
Cranberry Margaritas
Holiday Milk Punch
Homemade Hot Cocoa
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Montgomery Punch

Asparagus-Blue Cheese Canapés
Asparagus with Curry Dip
Black-eyed Pea Pâté
Blue Cheese Straws
Buttery Toasted Pecans
Cheese Dreams
Chicks in a Blanket
Contemporary Shrimp Cocktail
Cranberry-Goat Cheese Canapés
Garlicky Mixed Nuts
Lemony Garlic Feta Cheese
Lump Crab Mornay
Millionaire's Candied Bacon
Mini Corn Cakes with Smoked Salmon and Dill Crème Fraîche
Pepper Jelly Palmiers
Pickled Red Onions and Cukes
Pimiento Cheese Gougères
Pumpkin-Carrot Soup Shooters with Coconut Cream
Roasted Shallot Dip
Roquefort-Cognac Cheese Spread
Rosemary Salt-and-Vinegar Chips
Sesame Salmon Croquettes
Smoky Bacon-Cheddar Cheese Ball
Warm Kale-and-Asiago Dip

Main Dishes
Bacon Waffles
Boiled Shrimp
Cheesy Grits Soufflé
Chicken-and-Collards Pilau
Company Pot Roast with Creamy Mushroom Grits
Cracklin'-Fresh Picnic Ham with Apple-Cranberry-Pomegranate Salsa
King Ranch Breakfast Strata
New Tuna Casserole
One-Pot Shrimp and Grits
Pasta with Garlic Nuts
Pecan Chicken Tenders
Pecan-and-Dill-Crusted Salmon
Perfect Beef Tenderloin
Pizza Casserole Deluxe
Sage-Crusted Pork Racks with Pear Chutney
Slow-Cooker Pork Tacos al Pastor with All the Fixings
Standing Rib Roast with Red Wine Mushrooms
Turkey Roulade with Figgy Port Wine Sauce

Apple-Cranberry-Pomegranate Salsa
Blueberry Kolaches
Caramel-Glazed Monkey Bread
Chocolate Rolls
Collard Greens Gratin
Creamy Mushroom Grits
Gingerbread Muffins with Spiced Streusel and Spiced Hard Sauce
Glazed Turnips and Parsnips
Green Beans with Hollandaise Sauce
Ham-and-Swiss Sticky Buns
Mango Kolaches
Pear Chutney
Potatoes Patio
Roasted Squash with Farro and Almonds
Savory Bacon-and-Leek Bread Pudding
Sweet Potato Biscuits
Sweet Potato Soldiers
Sweet Potato Spoonbread

Soups and Salads
Beet-and-Citrus Salad
Carrot-Cauliflower Salad
Citrus Salad with Spiced Honey
Green Chile Chili
Hoppin' John Stew
Tomato Bisque

Ambrosia Coconut Cake
Ambrosia Macaroons
Apricot-Almond Thumbprints
Black-Tie Benne Slice 'n' Bakes
Boozy Caramel Fudge
Bourbon-Pecan-Gingerbread Cookies
Cane Syrup Slice 'n' Bakes
Chai Truffles
Charlotte Russe
Cherries Jubilee Cakes
Chocolate-Mint Cookies
Coconut-Irish Cream Truffles
Cranberry Dreamsicle Trifle
Espresso Shortbread Cookies
Fruitcake Slice 'n' Bakes
Gingersnap Slice 'n' Bakes
Hazelnut Fig Sandwiches
Homemade Caramel Taffy
Honey-Hazelnut Crisps
Honey Marshmallows
Hot Fudge Pie
Hummingbird Oatmeal Cookies
Lemon-Rosemary Slice 'n' Bakes
Marble-Cinnamon Sandwich Cookies
Marble Snickerdoodles
Milk Punch Frozen Custards
Pecan Bourbon Balls
Peppermint Divinity Bars
Peppermint Ice-cream Cake
Peppermint-Pretzel Bark
Praline Rugelach
Raspberry Panna Cotta
Red Berry Pavlova Tower
Red Velvet Marble Bundt Cake
Red Velvet-White Chocolate Cheesecake
Sugar Cookie Cutouts
Texas Sheet Cake Sandwiches
Tex-Mex Brownies
White Chocolate Linzer Cookies

Ambrosia Filling
Avocado Cream
Bacon Waffle Mix
Bourbon Glaze
Breakfast Bread Dough
Canapé Toast Squares
Caramel Glaze
Carolina Mustard Sauce
Cheesecake Icing
Chicory Coffee Glaze
Chile-Infused Honey
Coconut Cream
Cream Cheese Frosting
Eggnog Glaze
Ginger Rémoulade
Green Chile Chili Starter
Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix
Homemade Hot Mustard
Homemade Self-Rising Cornmeal Flour
Hoppin' John Starter
Horseradish Sauce
Hot Fudge Pie Filling
Ice Ring
Key Lime Glaze
Lemon Simple Syrup
Mulled Wine Glaze
Naughty Olives
Orange Vinaigrette
Pecan-Cornmeal Dredge
Pickled Muffuletta Salad
Praline Drizzle
Roasted Sweet Peppers
Shrimp-and-Crab Boil Sachets
Smoky Grill Rub
Snowy White Vanilla Glaze
Spiced Hard Sauce
Spiced Streusel
Spicy Mustard Sauce
Sweet Tomato BBQ Sauce
Tequila-Lime Cocktail Sauce
Vanilla Buttercream
Vanilla-Orange Glaze