Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat
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This $28 Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat Is a 'Must-Have' for Home Cooks Who Stand All Day

Shoppers say the back pain and foot aches they’ve experienced for years? Gone. 
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For seasoned home cooks and recipe developers, the kitchen is a creative playground. It's like work, but instead of sitting at a desk all day, you're standing up for hours—and all that pressure can put a strain on your back and feet. If you're in the same boat and are looking for some pain relief, a cushioned kitchen mat might be the way to go, and over 17,200 Amazon shoppers love the Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Mat that feels like "standing on a cloud."

Ideal for hard tile and wood flooring, the anti-fatigue mat has a four-inch foam padding that cushions your feet and provides much-needed support while you're standing. The cushioned kitchen mat is designed to reduce the amount of stress you put on your body, which after hours of standing, can lead to pain in the back and legs, as well as fatigue. And the Sky Solutions mat lives up to the hype. 

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: $37.37 (orig. $43.97);

Shoppers who use the cushioned mat while cooking say the discomfort they've felt for years in the hips, feet, and lower back is suddenly gone. Others say it actually makes them feel "energized" while standing on it since you're prompted to move a bit more from side to side, making it a "must-have" for any home cook. Even reviewers who suffer from plantar fasciitis, a foot condition that causes heel pain, love the mat so much, they gave it a five-star rating. 

"They make a huge difference any time I have to stand somewhere like in the kitchen and save my feet and back," the reviewer writes. "It is nice and cushy and helps tons when cutting stuff or cooking in the kitchen."

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: $27.19 (orig. $49.97);

On top of having a supportive feel, the "life-changing" mat also features a non-slip bottom and a thick, tapered design that shoppers say prevents them from tripping over rolled edges. Plus, Amazon best-seller is easy to clean! It works so well that reviewers are buying it in bulk to put them in different rooms, including their home office. 

"This mat was woven by angels, sculpted by the reanimated corpse of Michelangelo, and sealed with Superman's laser vision," writes another enthusiastic shopper. "When I stood on it, my feet no longer felt attached to my body. My physical form carried no weight. There was the sensation of floating."

If you're tired of experiencing back and foot pain while standing, the Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Mat can help. It comes in 10 colors and three sizes to fit all your needs and is on sale starting at $28. 

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: $32.29 (orig. $44.97);