The Only Spatula You'll Ever Need

You'll have to pry this spatula from our food editor's cold, dead hands.

GIR spatula
GIR spatula. Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

A spatula is a spatula, right? I used to think that until I discovered GIR's Ultimate Spatula—also known as my favorite tool in the kitchen. GIR, which stands for "Get It Right," is a kitchen tools company that specializes in BPA-free silicone cooking tools like spoons, pot lids, baking mats, and ladles. But today we're talking spatulas. GIR's Ultimate Spatula has a not-too-stiff, not-too-flexible blade that incorporates dry mixes beautifully and scrapes up every last bit of wet batter in the bowl—no wasted ingredients left behind in the bowl! It's great for cakes and cookies, but also tackle harder jobs like mixing ground beef for meatloaf or sticky bowls of homemade granola. It's also perfect for cast iron pots and pans, unlike metal spatulas, which can leave scratches. The spatula is lightweight but sturdy with a rounded handle that feels great to hold.

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If you're skeptical about silicone, let me reassure you. It can be thrown in the dishwasher, and unlike other plastic spatulas it doesn't stain or hold onto odors. And it's heat proof up to 464˚ so you can use it for things like scrambled eggs, or even stir-fries. I have GIR's Ultimate Spatula which is a standard 11-inch size, but the company makes them in three other sizes: Mini (8 inches—great for young bakers or small jars), Skinny (11 inches—perfect for tall, thin jars), and Pro (16 inches—best for large-batch baking, or heavy-duty commercial use). All of GIR's products are available in a happy rainbow of colors, which can also be customized if you're the type of person who wants to match your spatula to your kitchen backsplash (or you're shopping for an impossibly hard-to-please person who likes to match their spatula to their kitchen backsplash). My spatula is a bright, poppy pink, which adds a little bit of happiness to my otherwise utilitarian kitchen utensil container. If that didn't sell you, I'll add that it comes with a lifetime guarantee—no questions asked. How many companies can say that these days?

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Like many couples, my husband and I are in the process of writing our living wills. I may request to be buried with my precious spatula. Then again, it's so sturdy that it's likely to outlive me and become a precious family heirloom.

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