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Woman Opening Oven
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Here's a kitchen tip that's guaranteed to blow your mind.

Food52 recently highlighted a bold technique offered by Carolynn Carreño in her book Bowls of Plenty, and we'd by lying if we said it didn't feel a bit nefarious—in a good way, of course.

To get flawlessly charred edges on carrots, Brussels sprouts and squash without turning their insides turn to mush, Carreño recommends ditching your oven racks and placing your sheet pan directly on the oven floor. Yes, really.

Carreño reportedly picked up the trick from "a chef friend who had gone from working in restaurants with super powerful ovens to cooking at home."

"The oven floor provides the hottest, most even and direct heat possible," she writes, "which means you can get your vegetables nice and caramelized without overcooking them."

To reach roasted veggie perfection, Food52 explained how Carreño bakes two sheet trays of vegetables—one on the oven floor and the other on a rack in the middle—at a super-hot 500° F for about 20 minutes, switching their positions at the halfway mark.

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But before you move your veggies to the oven floor, it's a good idea to consult your owner's manual, or reach out to your its manufacturer, just to make sure it's safe. And if you cannot put your pan directly on the bottom surface, Carreño said that positioning the rack as close to the bottom as possible should work just fine as well.

Happy roasting, y'all!