From salsas to salads, try some of our top-rated mango recipes.

Mangoes: Sweet Juicy and Versatile
Mango Cream Pie: this impressive dessert is a cinch to prepare.

Mango Recipes and More:

Mangoes were once considered as exotic as the countries where they grew. Their deep golden flesh reminded us of the sunny climates required to ripen them into juicy sweetness. They still bring to mind warm breezes, but mangoes have now become a staple in Southern supermarkets. Although their peak season runs from May to September, many times they can be found year-round in the produce section, along with jars of mango slices. Jarred slices can often be substituted, but don't be intimidated by fresh mangoes.

A ripe mango should have a faintly sweet aroma and yellow skin blushed with red. To ripen, keep at room temperature, or store in a paper bag. (Don't refrigerate until they're fully ripe.) Enjoy their delectable flavor in these fantastic recipes.