Your new recipe box fits in your pocket.
Recipe Card
Credit: Brian Leatart/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

As many tech savvy home cooks know, it's easy to use a smart phone for recipe organization. But we just heard about a new hack that doesn't involve downloading an app or using your phone to access an online recipe box, but using your phone itself as a recipe organizer by turning your ‘contacts' into recipe cards.

Food writer Adam Erace, came up with a better use for the contacts folder though, transforming it into a digital recipe box. He shared the idea on Twitter and food lovers quickly realized that it's so crazy, it just might be genius.

Here's how it works: most smart phones come with a ‘contacts' folder where people generally put the names, phone numbers, and addresses of people they want to call. Instead of typing in Jane Smith in the contacts, write "Roasted Chicken" or "Peach Cobbler". Then use the remaining lines to write out the ingredients and directions.

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This works best for simple recipes, but if you're tired of Googling "pie crust" when you can't remember the exact ratio of shortening to flour, this could be a serious time-saver. Plus, as Lifehacker points out, being able to ask Siri to read the "contact information" for that "garlic shrimp" recipe you want to throw together for a quick weeknight meal could get dinner on the table that much faster—and that is always a good thing.