Summer Grilling Shortcuts You Can Only Find at Costco

Time to grill and chill, folks.

Costco Grilling Shortcuts
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For those who like scoring a great deal and saving a pretty penny when it comes to everything from stocking up on razors to snagging a golden rotisserie chicken, Costco is the place of bargain hunters' dreams. When summer rolls around, taking a trip to Costco can prepare you for every grilling occasion, from family barbecues to neighborhood pool parties. Because, in the South, with the hot and humid days comes hungry bellies waiting for burgers and brisket. This bulk-buying warehouse store offers some too-good-to-pass-up deals that'll help you grill and chill all season long. From the high-quality, yet wallet-friendly, meat selections to the quick-fix barbecue rubs, you'll love having these easy grilling ideas using the best Costco products on hand this summer.

Get fresh burger patties, ribs, briskets, and chicken at an amazing price.

Any Costco member will tell you: the meat can't be beat—and we're talking about when it comes to price and quality. Bulk buy the ready-to-grill burger patties and ribs for under $4 per pound; and (if you can grab one before it's all gone) prime beef brisket for under $5 per pound. (Publix ground chuck and pork ribs border around $5 per pound, comparatively.) You just can't find a better deal when it comes to racking up food for summer barbecues and cookouts. The burger patties are ground fresh every morning and made with high-quality beef from steaks or roasts that haven't sold individually within three days. For good measure, the patties are supposed to be pulled from the floor after a day to make sure customers get the freshest product. If you happen to land a bad batch, expect to get a full refund in true Costco fashion!

Snag the flavorful dry rub blends and marinades—and use them on literally anything for a quick fix.

Don't bog yourself down with butt and rib rub recipes this summer, especially when Costco is here waiting in the wings with its delicious rubs and marinades. Go smoky with the Bad Byron's Butt Rub, tangy with the Mediterranean Rib Rub & Seasoning, ultra-versatile with the Kirkland Signature Steak Seasoning or Sweet Mesquite Seasoning, and bold with the Curry Garlic Citrus Marinade. The barbecue rubs aren't exclusively just for your chicken wings and pork ribs either. Use them for fish filets, chicken breasts, and even roasted vegetables for a zingy touch. Bonus: grab an 8-pack of cedar planks for $12—perfect for cooking salmon on the grill for a smoky finish.

Rack up on the charcoal—because it's cheaper than the grocery store and will last you all season.

This under-estimated purchase will be a total game-changer for those who are doing a lot of summer grilling. While you might have to buy a relatively large quantity (like a bundle of two 18-pound bags together), it's way cheaper per pound than the charcoal at your local grocery or home improvement store. Since charcoal keeps for a long time, you don't need to worry about using it all immediately. Snag two 18-pound bags of Kingsford All-Natural Charcoal Briquets for $23 at Costco, while other grocery stores list single 15-pound bags for about $11. If you're lighting up the charcoal grill for plenty of summer barbecues this year, it'll be more than worth the heavier haul.

Use the pre-seasoned ribs in a pinch.

When in doubt, let Costco do every bit of the prep work. All you need to do is throw this main dish on the grill. Perfect for casual potlucks or weeknight dinners, these St. Louis-style dry-rubbed ribs are seasoned and ready to go. If you're set with quick summer side dishes, this supper is almost too easy. You can buy these for under $4 per pound.

Stock your freezer with frozen essentials that'll cover every last-minute meal.

There's nothing quite as stressful as being caught ill-prepared for any grilling affair, and Costco offers a great selection of freezer-friendly options to have on hand for when emergency strikes. Its in-house brand, Kirkland Signature, offers a 24-pack of frozen ground beef patties (using the same high-quality meat as the fresh patties) for just $22. (That's less than a dollar per burger, folks!) From chicken breasts to salmon, you'll find any grilling staple you need to stock up your freezer for the season.

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You can find these items through or—or just do it the old-fashioned way and get your bargain on at your local Costco brick-and-mortar!

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