5 Things You Should Always Buy at Publix (and 3 Things You Probably Shouldn't)

We've learned a thing or two during those daily Publix runs.

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Southerners love Publix. From the fried chicken to the gracious employees to the headquarters in Florida, it is a quintessential Southern grocery store. Many of us have gotten in the habit of making weekly (or daily!) Publix visits with our shopping lists to stock our homes with food and supplies. So what should you always buy at Publix and what should you skip? Here are a few ideas for your next trip to the grocery store.

Buy: Rotisserie Chicken

They're calling to you from the warming box in the deli section. Even if you think you don't need it, buy one anyway. Rotisserie chickens have been saving mealtime for years. Don't know what to make for dinner? Rotisserie chicken for the win. Stumped for lunch? Mix up some chicken salad or make a sandwich with your—you guessed it—rotisserie chicken. There are so many reasons to add one to your grocery cart.

Pass: Birthday Cake

Ok, this one is going to be divisive. We know more than a few people who specifically request Publix birthday cake every year. But! Let us make the case that a homemade cake—baked with extra love—is a better bet. We have a few options to make your mouth water: luscious layer cakes or party-perfect sheet cakes, anyone?

Buy: Pub Subs

The next time you're pushed for time and desperate for lunch, pop by the nearest Publix deli and pick up a Pub sub. Bonus: You can also order them online! It doesn't get much more convenient than that. Try the Chicken Cordon Bleu Sub or the Boar's Head Turkey Sub, a Publix classic.

Pass: Overpriced Brands

Thankfully, Publix-brand items are just as good (and significantly less expensive) than the rest. Skip the brand names and go for Publix's own for your basics, such as deli meat, paper towels, soft drinks, etc. Your wallet will thank you.

Buy: Baked Goods

Just try getting out of Publix without picking up something from the bakery. It's nearly impossible. We're big fans of the French bread and bagels, delicious offerings that give and give when you're cooking meals during the week.

Pass: Anything Not BOGO

Publix is notorious for its great buy-one-get-one-free deals, so if you need something but it's not a BOGO deal, just wait, because it probably will be soon. Also, check the coupons. There is always a Publix deal to be found.

Buy: Produce

Publix does a great job with produce. It's fresh and reliable, and a trip to the fruits-and-veggies section always makes us feel better about meal planning for the week ahead. Plus, there are plenty of organic options for your family. It's also fun to inspect the unexpected produce you can sometimes find there—carambola, anyone?

Buy: International Foods

Have you seen the international aisles? No matter what region or country's foods you're craving—from Asian to British to Mexican and everywhere in between—Publix has plenty of imported products to explore and internationally inspired products to try. Bon appétit!

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