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Presto Electric Griddle
Credit: Amazon

There was never an explanation given to me by my grandmother as to why she had a countertop griddle. To my young eyes, she had a perfectly fine stovetop and enough skillets to make cornbread for an army—but almost every Sunday morning, I would find myself watching her stir up the makings of a pancake breakfast and pull out her old electric flat-top griddle that would later house all of the buttermilk-filled batter. Now whenever I'm in the kitchen, juggling a skillet of bacon, one of eggs, and yet another of pancakes, I get it, her long time love for the odd kitchen tool. Clearly I need an electric griddle. 

The whole point, I've gathered, is to have more space to be able to cook more items at once—seven pancakes as opposed to three, as many pieces of bacon as will fit, and so forth. Per my grandmother's advice, the key is to get one that's properly nonstick in order to ensure optimal cooking and way less scrubbing. So I took to Amazon and found what shoppers seem to deem the smartest choice (and odds are you'll recognize it): the Presto 22-inch Electric Griddle with Removable Handles

Ah, removable handles—something my grandmother certainly lacked, but would have gone head over heels for the extra cabinet space and ability to store flat like a sheet pan. Along with almost two feet of griddle potential and a nonstick base, this electric griddle seems to be begging for a full breakfast spread, and over 7,000 Amazon reviewers have obliged thus far. As far as how to use a griddle goes, the concept is simple, regardless of which model you choose. 

Presto Electric Griddle
Credit: Amazon

Simply set the ideal temperature (usually somewhere between 350 and 375, both the Internet and my grandmother say), wait until hot, and cover the surface with as many items as you'd like, from a huge batch of pancakes to a whole breakfast platter of bacon, eggs, and stovetop-style toast. After you're finished, empty the convenient slide-out drip tray and clean before stowing away until next weekend rolls around and a hankering for brunch hits. 

So for anyone who might benefit from an extra large cooking space in the kitchen, an electric griddle makes a perfect addition to the countertop. Pancakes optional, but always encouraged. (SHOP IT: $34.90;

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No cook ever needs to be limited in the kitchen again. Here's to breakfast sandwiches and tons of French toast.