Since I Started Using These Pre-Cut Parchment Paper Sheets, My Life's Been Way Breezier

No mess, no stress.

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Pre-Cut Parchment Paper Sheets
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During the week, I rely heavily on my trusty USA Pan baking sheet. It's the one-stop-shop to instant dinner success when I'm looking for quick prep and little cleanup. Whether I'm roasting veggies and drizzling them with our herby Summer Sauce (year-round because it's that good), baking Dijon mustard-covered salmon, or popping in store-bought cookies on nights when it's necessary (which is often), the sheet pan is the star of the cooking show. While my mother grew up washing the baking sheet after each and every use, I'm not quite as much a glutton for punishment. I've always been more of an aluminum foil or parchment paper gal.

While I was already making life easier, things really got breezy when I discovered pre-cut parchment paper sheets. The concept is simple: Instead of eyeballing the proper size and lopsidedly tearing off a portion from the roll, the parchment paper sheets come already pre-cut, sized to fit a standard half-sheet pan, and able to lay flat immediately. No pesky curled-up edges! As someone who uses a sheet pan almost as often as the coffeemaker, it took no convincing to order.

I started with these unbleached pre-cut sheets made from natural wood pulp, because I was looking for something non-toxic. They're strong enough to be able to lift up off the pan with food on top, making for easy transfer and serving. They're oven- and microwave-safe up to 450 degrees, ensuring they don't degrade and the edges won't curl up. (I can attest I haven't had an issue with either.) And most importantly, the sheets fit perfectly into my basic half-sheet pan. It's made prep and cleanup so much quicker.

Our favorite sheet-pan dinner recipes just got a whole lot more appealing—as if they weren't already. Shop the pre-cut parchment paper below.

Hiware 200-Piece Parchment Paper Baking Sheets

Hiware 200-Piece Parchment Paper Baking Sheets

Each pack comes with 200 sheets, and each sheet measures 12 inches by 16 inches. If I'm cooking something messier than normal, I'll double or triple up to ensure everything is covered in the case of drippings or liquids.

BUY IT: $15.99;

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