Nordic Ware Pine Forest Chocolate Bundt Cake
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Your Famous Holiday Spice Cake Is Begging for This Pine Forest Bundt Pan for Christmas—And It's Half-Off Today

We're going to need Santa's direct line for this one, please.
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It doesn't take a lot to dazzle the holiday dessert spread, as long as you have the right tools to help you along the way. A stand-mixer, a few trusty spatulas, and high-quality ingredients (hey, Ina, we know all about that "good vanilla") can take you far. If you want to really set mouths agape though, go ahead and snag this year's most covetable addition to the holiday prep lineup: Nordic Ware's Pine Forest Bundt Pan, currently on sale for $25.60. It's the stuff of sugar plum dreams.

The cast aluminum pan features a circular forest of pine trees in varying heights with a pretty little pearled border around the edge. While dreamy enough on their own, the trees can be dressed up with a little powdered sugar to set a snowy scene after popping the cake from the pan. Whether you opt for a light-colored batter, like our seasonal-favorite Spiked Eggnog Bundt Cake, or a darker one like that of our Chocolate Bundt Cake—or Reese's Bundt Cake if you're trying to take care of some leftover Halloween candy—the results will be stunning.

While aesthetically this one comes with a few extra bells and whistles, you'll find in the Pine Forest Bundt Pan all the same things you love about your classic Nordic Ware pieces, like cast-aluminum construction, easy cake release, and the fact that it's manufactured in the USA. It has a 9-cup capacity, which might be slightly smaller or larger than your go-to Bundt pan, so be sure to add batter accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to only fill the pan ¾ of the way with batter, that way it won't overflow as it rises during the cooking process.

To keep your new seasonal Bundt pan looking and cooking its best, avoid using metal utensils and standard cooking spray (you can use the variety that contains flour) that could leave behind a film on the pan. Otherwise, get to spreading some holiday cheer with a Bundt pan that will make Great-Grandma's Spice Cake Recipe proud.

Nordic Ware Pine Forest Bundt Pan on White Background
Credit: Amazon

Nordic Ware Pine Forest Bundt Pan

BUY IT: $25.60;

We'll leave it to one reviewer who put it best:

"One of the absolute stars in my Nordic Ware Bundt Pan collection is this Pine Forest Bundt Pan. When I use this pan to make one of my cakes, the accolades never seem to cease."