Le Creuset apple pie dish plate
Credit: Sur La Table

15 Pretty Pie Plates to Inspire You to Bake More This Fall

Trust us, you'll want to have a hand in every pie (dish).
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No other season sees such a flurry of pie-making as fall and early winter. What can we say? Pie hits the spot during the holidays. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, pie is always welcome.

Whether that's a pie loaded with pecans, overflowing with apples, a chess pie, or savory pie (including the likes of every pot pie imaginable), the only thing more assured than the pie's deliciousness is that you'll definitely need a pie plate to hold it.

When it comes to choosing a pie plate, the options for expressing your personal style now seem boundless. You can select a glass pie dish with dramatically scalloped edges, a deep dish pie pan, earthy stoneware (can't say no to a good ceramic pie plate), mini pie pans, and even a trusty Pyrex pie plate. There are so many types of pie plates to choose from that you'll sooner run out of pie recipes.

Since part of the joy of baking is sharing, scoop up one (or a few) of these pretty pie plates that'll make you want to bake more this fall. And, may we suggest raiding our recipe box of savory pies? The deep-dish pie plates are especially begging to be filled with hearty pot pies, shepherd's pies, and the one-off Frito pies and and crab pies.

Whichever pie plate (or plates) you choose, these picks are sure to get you in the spirit of the season. Just make sure to give us a ring when you're done baking. We'll happily help you polish off a slice or two.

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pyrex pie plate
Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Pyrex 9.5-Inch Pie Plate


It's beautiful, versatile, and already verified as a great buy. Watch this pie plate become your go-to for every social event this season.

lakeside stoneware pie plate
Credit: Target

Lakeside Stoneware Pie Plate


With a deep dish and generously scalloped edges, this sturdy pie plate will beautifully hold all those fall apples.

Blue Rose Pottery Scarlett Ivy Pie Plate
Credit: Target

Blue Rose Pottery Scarlett Ivy Pie Plate


This hand-painted, handmade pie plate will give the actual pie a run for its money (in looks, of course).

Staub pie plate
Credit: Target

Staub Ceramic 9-Inch Pie Dish


Planning to bake up a storm? You'll want Staub's sturdy pie plate, which comes in shades of blue, red, and white. The convenient handles make pulling it from the oven a snap.

BLUE ROSE POLISH pottery pie plate
Credit: Target

Blue Rose Pottery Kalina Pie Plate


Cutting away at your freshly-baked pie will slowly reveal the hand-painted, delicate blue flowers of this charming pie plate.

Williams Sonoma stoneware pie plates
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma Stoneware Pie Dish


For the enthusiastic baker, a set of these three elegant pie plates is essential. The stoneware ensures even heating for a golden crust and the decorative rims each add their own unique touch to the final presentation.

Williams Sonoma pie plate baked with love
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Open Kitchen Ceramic Pie Dish


Sending a pie over to the neighbors? Drop it off in this pie plate with its fun message and it'll be a pie no one will forget any time soon.

Williams Sonoma hand pie molds
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma Mini Hand Pie Molds


Up the cute factor with these adorable mini pie molds—take your pick of round, half circle, and rectangle. The built-in crimp means less fuss and more fun.

Williams Sonoma Mauviel tart tatin pie plate
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Mauviel Copper Tarte Tatin Pan


Let's be honest: There's something about copper cookware that just can't be beat. Try a new spin on the apple pie with a classic tarte tatin in a pan made especially for it.

Anthropologie pie plate bistro
Credit: Anthropologie

Bistro Tile A La Mode Pie Dish


You'll definitely win the title of most stylish pie if you show up to a party with your creation in this pie dish.

ANTHROPOLOGIE Appoline pie plate
Credit: Anthropologie

Appoline Pie Dish


We do love our florals, and this hand-painted pie dish hits the spot.

handmade pottery pie plate
Credit: JKCreativeWood on Etsy

Handmade Pottery Pie Plate


Your best pie needs a pie plate worthy of holding it, and this handmade pottery pie plate is sure to dazzle.

four glass pie plates
Credit: Amazon

Deep Glass Pie Plates


This set of four pie plates ensures you have just the right size for every occasion. The handles make the places easy to maneuver in the oven, and the crystal-clear glass allows admirers to peer at the golden brown crust.

Le Creuset apple pie dish plate
Credit: Sur La Table

Le Creuset Apple Pie Dish


It's not really fall without apples, and this apple-pie-shaped dish is just begging for your best recipe.

pumpkin pie dish plate with cover
Credit: World Market

Ceramic Pumpkin-Shaped Deep Pie Dish


If you need to push yourself into the holiday spirit, it doesn't get much better than a pumpkin-shaped pie plate (and cover!).