This Peach Peeling Hack is Life-Changing

Peeling peaches might be easier than we thought.

Nothing says summer quite like a big slice of peach pie (or peach cobbler or peach ice cream) but to get those delicious peaches ready for baking, you have to peel them—and that is rarely peachy.

While we all have the tips and tricks that are grandmothers taught us—or the ones we posted to YouTube—that involve using a peeler or plunging in hot and cold baths, a Japanese Twitter user just showed an even easier way to peel a peach.

Pick Peaches

Photo: Van Chaplin

The Twitter user, who goes by the name Okada, posted a short video of her peeling a peach and it is downright mesmerizing. In the mini video, she takes the whole peach in her hand, pulls along the peach's crease, and the entire fuzzy skin simply slips off. We weren't the only people hypnotized by the peach peeling magic. Currently, the video has been liked by over 73,000 peach fans.

As for how she managed to make that peach skin slip off, she told Buzzfeed News that the trick was to put peaches in hot water for 20 seconds and then plunge them into cold water for five minutes. From there, the peach skin just peeled right off. If peeling peaches is that easy, we are headed straight to the farmers' market to pick up a bushel or two to start making peach streusel muffins, peach and blueberry shortcakes, peach tart, and just maybe all 52 of the peach recipes on this list.

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