Silicone Oven Gap Fillers

These Silicone Gap Fillers Are Genius for Keeping Crumbs from Falling Between Your Stovetop and Counter

Say goodbye to that pesky crack.
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Out of the hard-to-clean spots in the house that we attempt to forget about for the sake of saving ourselves some stress, the gap in between the stovetop and the counter is high up on the list as the most difficult. Crumbs and spills from prepping and cooking get wedged down in that crack so fiercely that there is almost no easy way to clean it on a regular basis. Usually, it involves fashioning up a paper towel on a skinny knife and scooting the crumbs forward until they fall onto the ground. For some, that gap goes all the way down to the floor and requires moving the entire oven. Think of all the crumbs that the broom can't reach!

Wipe those counters and clean that stovetop with Pink Stuff as much as you please, but that pesky crack will always be there, just waiting to catch every crumb, oil droplet, or spice that comes its way. That is, unless you've been let in on the best-kept kitchen gadget of all: Linda's Silicone Stove Gap Fillers. Over 31,000 Amazon reviewers swear by them, but many people have still never heard of genius gap-sealing strips. 

Silicone Oven Gap Fillers
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Made to nestle snugly down into the gap between the stovetop-oven unit and the countertop, these silicone strips keep you from having any nasty surprises after months (or years!) of letting crumbs accumulate. They effectively seal up the open crack and create a smooth, flat surface between the two areas, which means you don't have to worry about anything during prep time and cooking. Perhaps, some Caramel-Apple Hand Pies are in order?

The gap covers are made to be able to conform to surfaces that are slightly uneven, and they measure 21 or 25 inches long, which fits most stovetops. Not a perfect length? Simply use scissors to cut the silicone strips to match your appliance. Whenever you're doing a deep clean, you can pull them up and pop them into the dishwasher easily. 

If you're looking to never worry about the gunk that falls between the stove and counter again, shop the best-selling gap fillers below. 

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Silicone Oven Gap Fillers
Credit: Amazon

Linda's Silicone Stove Gap Covers

Each set comes with two covers, one for each side of the stovetop. Choose between three color options: black, white, and clear.

BUY IT: $11.95;