Vintage Aluminum Storage Container

School's out for summer, and that means meals begin to hit the road for picnics, cookouts, and potlucks. Last weekend, I went cabinet digging to find the perfect picnic basket for a portable feast. Instead of finding a basket, I came across a shiny piece of food storage history. It's hard to imagine packing up food to-go without the miracle material, plastic, but in years past, transport containers made of everything but plastic were the standard. Check out this gem of to-go food storage: Wear-Ever Aluminum Jack-Frosters.

Extremely functional, these handy containers came in a variety of sizes and were found in iceboxes and refrigerators decades before plastics began to dominate food storage. Made of aluminum, these containers are lightweight and durable. I couldn't help but imagine all the goodies this container kept vaulted until mealtime. Potato salad? Left-over creamed spinach? A bevy of sliced, sweetened strawberries that were meant to top shortcakes with a heavy spoonful of whipped cream? Whatever the recipe, I'm still in awe that this little guy has stuck around for me to discover.

I'm partial to plastics and glass for storing foods, ease of use, and cleanup, but I must admit that I'll always be a sucker for old-school treasures like this one. I'll probably use this container to store my watchband collection and tie bars (thanks, Dad!).

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