Nonstick, warp-resistant, and ready for some cookie dough.
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For any home cook or baker, there is no sadder sight than a hopelessly stained, warped sheet pan—and still we hold onto it for as long as possible, roasting those veggies and baking those brown butter chocolate chip cookies out of sheer stubbornness and, in my case, a touch of laziness. It is certainly not as fun a purchase as a new Bundt pan (I'll do just about anything for a sour cream pound cake), but it is easily my most used kitchenware item and should probably be treated as such. With respect!

After one too many "bang!" sounds coming from the oven due to mid-bake heat warping—with a broccoli floret or two lost catapulting to its early demise—and a few too many dark brown cookie bottoms, I finally caved and began the search for a new baking sheet to replace my old beloved but tattered one that had seen much better days. My criteria? Nonstick, warp-resistant, and preferably with a ridged surface to ensure ample air flow. The latter of which doesn't make a huge difference and can really only be attributed to my mother. She prefers ridged cookie sheets, and now so do I.

It was a tall order, but one baking sheet finally convinced me to cast stubbornness aside in favor of more sheet pan dessert potential: the USA Pan Nonstick Half Sheet Pan. Consistently one of the highest-selling sheet pans on both Williams Sonoma and Amazon, this warp-resistant baking sheet is made to withstand high heat without caving into the pressure—literal and otherwise—while also ticking off my preference for both a nonstick and ridged surface. Since I've tossed my old sheet pan in favor of this new half sheet, I've been happy with the results. 

Not only does it look way more photo-friendly for whenever I want to send my mother an update on my roasting skills, but I've also noticed that a dependable nonstick coating can work wonders, especially when cleaning. Basically, I'm pleased as punch. Turn to the reviews on both websites, and you'll see much of the same consensus, with one keen shopper even posting images showing the difference between how her cookies turned out when using this USA-made half sheet versus a popular competitor. Hint: this pan's batch came out considerably more evenly baked and crack-free.

If you're looking for a new nonstick, warp-resistant half sheet pan to add to your kitchen cabinet, this top-selling pick is worth considering. (TO SHOP: $19.99,; $21.99,

Don't forget the accompanying nonstick cooling rack! (TO SHOP: $11;

So make like Mary Berry on The Great British Baking Show and have every batch come out "a cracking good bake."