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I’m a smoothie person. My drive to the office is the first time I have a minute to consume a few calories—mornings with two little ones has made my casual a.m. coffee-and-breakfast routine a thing of the past. Now it’s all, “Where are his shoes? Have you seen my laptop? Are you picking up or dropping off today?” Forget the eggs over easy with a side of perfectly toasted five-grain. Before I set you into a panic, we do feed the children.

While my leisurely breakfasts are no more, I do understand the importance of fueling my body for the day ahead. I work out in the mornings, which means I’m typically in need of a boost of protein before 9 a.m. For that reason—and the hectic nature of the early hours in our house—I’ve become an avid smoothie drinker. I love Wyman’s Cherry Berry & Kale mix (you should be able to find it at Publix, Whole Foods, or Fresh Market), with a scoop of protein powder, a dash of cinnamon, and about 8 ounces of almond milk. If I’m feeling particularly indulgent (or depleted) I’ll add in a tablespoon of peanut butter. Okay, fine, more like two heaping tablespoons.

The issue with my daily smoothie habit was that it had become quite the clunky experience. The blender I was using was not designed for smoothie making—to its credit, it’s a product of the pre-smoothie revolution. When it was gifted to me, at-home smoothies weren’t a happening thing. They existed, sure, but they—along with pricey boutique gym memberships—hadn’t quite hit the mainstream. That being said, each morning would find me on the blend, stop, scrape, and stir merry-go-round; all in an effort to create a perfectly smooth, sippable breakfast.

My husband had enough of my struggles, so he did a little research on his own (he’s an avid Consumer Reports reader) and ultimately presented me with the Ninja Smart Screen Duo Countertop Blender. My thoughts after morning number one: game changer.

To be honest, the blender comes with a few bells and whistles that I don’t quite need at this point. The foremost being a FreshVac pump that’s designed to pump oxygen out of your container before blending. It’s meant to lock in vitamins and keep things like homemade juices fresh overnight—no separating. Maybe one day it'll become a staple, but for now I'm keeping it safely tucked away in the pantry.

What has proven to revolutionize my mornings is the single-serve cups with spout lids (two are included in the bundle). Not only are they a tidy way for me to blend and enjoy (read: scarf down) my smoothie in one mess-free container, but they work with the blender’s Smart Vessel Recognition making blending a breeze. There are other blenders at a lower price with individual-blend options, but none that rival the power of the Ninja. Plus, being able to select "smoothie" from the digital touch screen just makes the entire process nearly effortless.

Here's how it works: I fill my cup with almond milk, protein powder, and frozen fruit before placing it on the blender and locking it in place. Once I turn on the machine it comes alive with options specific to the vessel. Naturally, I choose the smoothie option. It stops and starts all on its own, letting the mixture settle back in before blending again. No opening the lid, no spatula needed to scrap the contents back toward the blade, and no adding more liquid little by little. It’s a perfect smoothie every time.

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The blending system also comes with a 72 oz. pitcher with a stacked blade. You’ll get an A+ review from me on that one, too. All of the parts are dishwasher safe—cups, blades, lids, etc. Oh, and those lids? They actually work. Go ahead and throw that smoothie cup in your purse, I dare you.