These Extra-Tough Wine Glasses Are All I'm Using For My Holiday Entertaining Plans

The stems are reinforced with titanium.

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Made In Wine Glass Set
Photo: Courtesy of Made In

I inherited my mama's love for glassware. In new adulthood, I started falling for elegant stemware in antique shops and at retailers, developing a new appreciation for the way the right glasses could place the finishing touch on a well-set tablescape—or the finishing touch on a long day. I'm no stranger to a crisp, cold glass of rosé on the porch.

The wine glasses I choose for myself, however, are often different from the ones I use while hosting dinners, events, and family functions. Unfortunately, someone will inevitably drop a glass and another will tip over in the sink. So, in seeking out my next set, I wanted durable glassware that I could trust amongst buttery fingers—but that would still enhance the taste of everyone's favorite chardonnay. Enter: the Wine Glass Set from Made In Cookware.

The Wine Glass Set includes four red and four white glasses—eight in total. The white style, while still rounded, has a narrower mouth. The red style, intended to decant while you sip, is a large bulbous shape to optimize flavor and aeration. Both feel stylish and elevated in my hand when five o'clock hits.

Made In Wine Glass Set
Courtesy of Made In

BUY IT: $119;

Made In Cookware crafts its glassware in Parma, Italy, where local artisans combine regional traditions and modern glass blowing technologies to get best-of-both-worlds functionality and style. Since my family cares mostly about investing in kitchen goods that we can pass down, that timelessness was a core allure of the set. These glasses aren't too trendy, so they'd look just as good on the Thanksgiving table in twenty years with a new generation.

As a bonus, the techniques used ensure that the glassware is free of heavy metals, as clear as pure quartz, and is 140 percent more resistant to breakage. While the set may look graceful and delicate, first-of-its-kind titanium-reinforced stems and scratch-resistant coatings ensure that the glasses aren't fragile. They're "strong enough to withstand over 4,000 industrial washes," according to the brand, so your dishwasher is perfectly safe, though it's worth noting Made In still suggests hand washing your glassware for the safest and most thorough clean. In other words, they'll make it through every holiday party and gathering, so you won't have to worry about getting out the broom to sweep up glass shards in the middle of entertaining.

Get sipping this season and shop the Wine Glass Set now for an accident-free holiday cycle. You can also shop smaller sets of only red or white wine glasses, respectively.

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