Use your grill for more than just meat this summer. Try our Grilled Lemonade recipe for a refreshing twist on the classic.

Grilled Lemonade
Try our lemonade recipe for Grilled Lemonade. It's crazy good!

Those who recently had the pleasure of attending "Kingsford University," an annual grilling event hosted by the Kingsford charcoal people, were treated to a variety of grilled creations—American wagyu (kobe) beef brisket from Snake River Farms, smoked loaf-pan chicken tacos, and even grilled guacamole—all cooked to perfection by world champion pitmaster and proprietor of Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q, Chris Lilly.

The purpose? To learn the latest grilling tips and to prove that you can cook anything with charcoal. Beverages are no exception. Here is the recipe for one of the featured grilled items of the event—Grilled Lemonade:

Step 1
Cut about 16 lemons in half. Dip cut sides in sugar, and place over hot coals. Make a rosemary simple syrup by pouring equal parts water, sugar, and honey into a disposable aluminum foil pan. Add a few fresh rosemary sprigs, and place pan on grill. (I bet other herbs, such as basil and mint, would work too.)

Step 2
Grill about 10 minutes or until you see a golden caramelized color on the lemons. Meanwhile, your simple syrup should be heating up nicely and getting lots of good flavor from those sprigs.

Step 3
Let the grilled lemons cool slightly. Place a wire-mesh strainer in a pitcher, and squeeze the juice from the lemons. (The heat softens the lemons for easy squeezing....see how fast you can juice 16 lemons.) Add water and rosemary simple syrup to taste. Add a splash of bourbon for a mellow finish; serve over ice.